written by Wanda

Kate Hudson From Behind In Miami.

That title may have sounded a little dirty but Kate Hudson makes me feel a little dirty – in a good way, of course. Kate has been one of my biggest girl crushes since I saw her in “Almost Famous”. I wanted to be Penny Lane but since she was a fictional character, I wanted to be Kate Hudson. She’s such a beautiful woman and my love for her hasn’t wavered even a little bit since the very beginning of my crush. There’s just something about her that makes me feel good. There aren’t many celebrities I’d like to spend a day with but Kate? She’s definitely one of them. In these photos from Miami, we don’t really get a good look at Kate’s face and that makes me sad. She’s got a great body but it’s her face, especially her smile, that really warm my heart. Even so I still love these pictures, even if only because Kate is in them.



  • Kate is beautiful, but does she have an obsession with her butt? I mean in a lot of the photos she is touching her ass. I know that suits are not always the most comfortable, but come on. You have to know that someone is snapping photos of you.

  • Kate Hudson is one of my all time favorite actresses. She is so pretty and has the voice of an angel. I love all her movies, especially Bride Wars. She looks great in her suit as well.