written by Wanda

Kate Upton Is A Beautiful Beach Bunny

I get a little excited every time new pictures of Kate Upton are posted for me to write about. She is quickly becoming one of my favorite models simply because she seems like such a down to earth sort of girl. Here in personally designed bikinis at the Beach Bunny Show in Florida, Kate looks adorable. I love that she wears everything so well and I love that her fun loving personality shines through in every picture of her. There’s just something about this girl that gets to me in the best possible way. While there are other models I like more, Kate is definitely climbing the ranks. I can’t wait for the next set!


  • I see fat rolls. This woman is out of shape and does not belong to the catwalk. A model can not look like this. A model should not look like an ordinary woman of 45 years.

  • ^it’s idiots like you (in all likelihood: gay man, or repressed straight man, or insecure teengirl, or poisonous woman) that need to be given a good insult. if you believe that, then i dread to think what you say about more average but still good looking women in the sad existence you call life. and fyi, skin is meant to bend at joints and other changeable body contour areas. just because it does that doesn’t mean there’s fat there. plenty of sportspeople and people with thick skins have it. also the idea that it’s meant to be like a straightjacket around the body is ridiculous and downright medically dangerous.