written by Wanda

Katherine Webb… Remember Her

As you guys probably know, things have been pretty complicated for me over the last little while which has resulted in frequent absences from posting here on HQ Celebrity. I won’t bore you with all the details because trust me, they’re really boring. Anyway, during this time, old assignments have piled up and it was decided that I should just go and post the photos even though they’re a bit old now because, hey, hot women are hot women, yes? So far, just going back and doing those old, piled up assignments has told me that in the entertainment industry, change doesn’t really come in a hurry. The people that were in the news when their photo originally went up are still popular now, in some cases, a year later. That’s not something I would’ve guessed about pop culture. It seems to have such a short memory typically. That string has changed today with Katherine Webb. Gorgeous woman, yes, but without looking, can anyone remember why she was such a big name for about five minutes last summer? Give it a try. I’ll tell you the answer in a few hours when I get to another photo set for this lovely, but mostly forgotten, young woman.

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