written by irene

Kendra Wilkinson Shining At ESPY

One of Hugh Hefner’s girls was spotted at the recently concluded ESPY Awards and she was definitely the bomb! Kendra Wilkinson, who stars with Hef’s two other girls in the reality tv show “Girls Next Door,” looked radiant and every inch of a bombshell at the red carpet. Of course, it helps that her breasts are the most prominent assets of little Miss Kendra. Her boobies and her very tiny waist, truth be told. What do you think of Kendra’s look?

Kendra Wilkinson

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  • She looks great. Nice face :)

  • I liked her body better when she had natural tits.
    Her face is a trainwreck.
    Her laugh makes me want to jam chopsticks into my ears!
    Still, she’s hotter then anything I’ve ever put my wang in.