written by Ann

Kim Kardashian’s Nice Ass

Kim Kardashian got into her big car gracefully. Her nice ass was registered in this new season of Dancing WithThe Stars. In the first episode, Kardashian scored 19 out of 30 and was generally praised by the judges. She needed to relax her facial muscles and let her other muscles do the work of dancing. The judges thought she moved quite well and showed her enthusiasm for being in the show. Kardashian flattered her judges and the show’s organizers.

Kim Kardashian

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  • No matter big or not her ass is nice.

  • I love Kim’s booty, and I’d even pay to have it.

  • Mooooo!! She must be in a hurry to go grazing.

  • Tell her to haul ass, and she’ll have to make two trips.

  • she has one of the best asses period, really huge

  • Fucking ass

  • Very nice Log Tosser.

  • love women who wear these tight leggings, great booty, the things I would do to her