written by Ann

Kim Kardashian’s Bikini In Jumpsuit

Kim Kardashian celebrated the 40th anniversary of McDonald’s Big Mac in Malibu, California. Kim was in a playful mood as she wore her bikini top below her jumpsuit. She looked beautiful. Khloe Kardashian accompanied Kim. She was very lucky to have served only less than a day in prison.

Kim has a guest slot with The Pussycat Dolls on August 15, at Las Vegas. She will be doing a burlesque dance item. Kim said that she looked forward to her item with the Pussycat Dolls.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian 1.jpg Kim Kardashian 2.jpg Kim Kardashian 3.jpg sexy Kim Kardashian Big Mac 40th anniversary of McDonald’s Big Mac in Malibu Kim Kardashian 7.jpg Kim Kardashian boobs bikini in jumpsuitž Kim Kardashian 11.jpg bikini top Kim Kardashian


  • I am so hungry I would pick Big Mac over Kim at the moment :)))

  • the girl can do no wrong, shes gorgeous and makes the best outfit choices. love her!!!

  • Let’s face it, there isn’t a guy alive who wouldn’t love to screw Kim right in her gorgeous, sexy big ass.

  • Wow, Kim’s lettin’ it all hang out. Never seen her dress so (intentionally) provocative before.

  • haha… 3rd pict…… Kim’s sister is big as a house, hence the “tent” shes wearing.

  • this women is so hot and perfect in every way