written by Wanda

Lara Stone Shows Off Her Legs

There’s a reason Lara Stone is often considered one of the world’s top fashion models. She’s absolutely stunning and she is good at what she does. Here, Lara attends a tea reception to congratulate Sport Relief and she looks beautiful. I like the fact that Lara had a big hand in making it okay to have a gap in your teeth when she hit the big time. I’m all for different kinds of beauty and I really think Lara, while also beautiful in the more traditional sense, is a great example of a different kind of beauty. The gap in her teeth doesn’t make her less attractive. It makes her unique and it makes her special. I love this woman.


  • whats up with her toes

  • Anon, what do you mean what’s up with her toes? I don’t see what the problem is. What do you see?

    I didn’t know having a gap in your teeth wasn’t OK. I’ve always seen it for what it is.

    • I might be a little out of touch but I seem to recall people mocking Madonna’s tooth gap once upon a time. It was considered an imperfection and imperfections are often frowned on, at least as far as models are concerned. I think imperfections can make people look special and a little more unique – something I find important in models. I don’t like people looking the same.

  • Talking about toes, I really like her shoes! I in no way will be able to ever walk in them, neither will I want to, but I do like them. I wouldn’t mind having a pair of them just to look at!

  • I was raised to think gap teeth were unique and special and to be admired, so I guess my mind’s been totally closed to people who might disapprove of it. I never knew Madonna was mocked for hers.

    I see gap teeth as unique, but I don’t see them as an imperfection.

  • nice good legs…nice outfit…

  • nice long legs on a tall women