written by Ann

Lindsay Lohan & Courtenay Semel Photos

Courtenay Semel, the heiress of Yahoo, and Lindsay Lohan used to be an item. Courtenay revealed that they were discreet and afraid to be seen in public as a lesbian couple. Courtenay said that she had Lindsay first so she wanted to claim first rights to that relationship. Now, Lindsay has come out of the closet with her relationship with Samantha Ronson. Lindsay has not said anything publicly, except that her private life was her own business.

Lindsay Lohan

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  • The blonde in the photos with Lindsay Lohan is Hayden Panetierre (she of the TV show Heroes).
    The brunette with Lindsay in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th photo is indeed Courtenay Semel.
    Lindsay Lohan knew Samantha Ronson before she ever knew Courtenay. Lindsay’s first relationship was with Sam, then Courtenay and now she is back with Sam.

  • Nice to see Courtenay Semel’s panties in the last photo.

    And Hayden is so cute in that first photo.