written by Christine

Lindsay Lohan Looking OLD

Here is Lindsay Lohan at the LG launch for the Scarlet HDTV. And of course, she is doing everything she can to get back into the limelight with a dress that plunges down to there. Pretty color, too bad someone forgot to tell her bubble skirts are so 2004. But let’s cut her a break, all that time in rehab will put you out of the loop. And all the drugs that got you there will make your mere 20-something years make you look like you’re pushing 40.

Lindsay Lohan

LG launch bubble skirt Scarlet HDTV Lindsay Lohan 4.jpg Lindsay Lohan 5.jpg Lindsay Lohan 6.JPG Lindsay Lohan 7.JPG Lindsay Lohan 8.jpg Lindsay Lohan 9.JPG Lindsay Lohan 10.jpg Lindsay Lohan 11.jpg


  • living with drugs must have some consequences…

  • She looks fine to me. It’s sounds more like somebody is jealous.

  • Lindsay is looking quite OK!

  • she looks great with her legs spread wide open to bad no cams on the floor for some nice beaver pics

  • she looks OLD…

  • she looks outstanding as alwats. shes fucking sexy as hell

  • She looks Perfect!!..hottest woman on Earth!!

  • she looks ok for all those drugs shes been taking but all that tanning ruined her she looks like a leather wallet but pussys pussy ill hit