written by Ann

Lindsay Lohan Shows Side Boob

Lindsay Lohan and a host of other celebrities were at MTV. Lohan wore an apron type of top that covered but displayed a tantalizing view of her side boob. Playboy would be wondering why she turned down their offer to pose nude but showed off her assets partially for free. Samantha Ronson told a nightclub full of party revelers that by the end of 2008, “my love will be Mrs Ronson.” Lohan and Ronson had inked matching tattoos recently to affirm their close ties.

Lindsay Lohan

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  • Not sure why she didn’t accept Playboy offer, I guess she has enough money :)

  • Samantha Ronson could have been an influence. :)

  • I like it when Lindsay doesn’t dress like a lesbian!

  • At least she could get so much hotter girlfriend than Sam