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Lovely Leona Lewis Hangs Out With A Horse

I really like Leona Lewis. I like her music. I like her personality. I like her style. After seeing these pictures of her at the Hopefield Animal Sanctuary Fundraiser, I think I like her even more. She’s not dressed in her most provocative outfit but that’s kind of nice every now and again. She looked lovely all the same. Leona isn’t the super sexy pop princess anyway. Her success has as much to do with her talent as it does her looks and I appreciate that. The only question is… what the heck is that white fluffy thing she’s holding in one of the pictures? Is that a bunny? If it is, I want one.


  • a lot of people say leona is ugly but that like anyone, beauty is subjective, I think she is a gorgeous girl and nice to see she seems level headed unlike many, she is so exotic looking, I love mixed race girls too, I love Leona very nice pics too.

  • leona is lovely

  • she isa hottie, i agree she has strikingly gorgeous mixed race look to her, I have dated a few mixed raced girls and most are gorgeous but any race is gorgeous, but they tend to look exotic most of them because of that, I like leona lewis a lot, she is real babe