written by Wanda

Lucy Pinder Has Large Breasts And Other Massive Understatements

I can’t help looking at these photos of Lucy Pinder and wondering how often she’s asked if her breasts are real. It’s the first question I have when I look at these photos and I can’t imagine I’m the only one. I don’t honestly care if they’re real or fake. That’s never been a concern for me. I think fake breasts are fine. If a woman decides she wants to get implants, I say she should go ahead and do it. That doesn’t mean I’m not a little curious. Boob question aside, Lucy looks incredible in this lingerie shoot. Her body is fantastic but I also really like her facial features. She just has something unique about her looks and I like that. I think this girl is gorgeous and I love these photos.

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  • so fit, them big ass boobies