written by Wanda

Malin Akerman In Miami

I generally really enjoy Malin Akerman. She’s a beautiful girl and a woefully under rated actress, but for some reason, I’m really not feeling these pictures. Perhaps it’s the mismatched bikini. Some women can pull that off, but I’m not sure Malin is one of those women. She also seems a little unhappy here in Miami although that could have something to do with the cameras. Regardless, I’ve definitely seen better pictures of Malin, but hey, who among us looks our absolute best at all times? I won’t hold one bad set of photos against her. In truth, they’re really not all that bad, per say. She just doesn’t look quite as gorgeous as usual.


  • thx for malin

  • Malin does not look bad here. She is having a day at the beach, she is not suppose to be all made up. She is suppose to look like she is relaxing and that is what it looks like she is doing.

  • malin is so hot i cant wait to see her in real and the day when i’ll met her on beach and will touch her will be my biggest day of life
    live happy sexy