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Malin Akerman Sweetsy Sweets In Black

“27 Dresses” actress Malin Akerman was looking mighty fine in a black shift dress in a recent W magazine-sponsored event. The actress, model, actress, film star, Swedish born LA resident, who also happened to have lived in Ontario, Canada for a while, wore something like a leathery shift dress and cool black heels. I just love her makeup! Plus her hairstyle is well set. I wonder what projects Malin has up next? She really was a presence in the “27 Dresses” flick after all. What do you think of Malin?

Malin Akerman

Malin Akerman is a beauty film star Malin Akerman sweetsy sweets W magazine Malin Akerman in leather

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  • I remember her in Harold and Kumar, Greta Movie, when they feel her tits, That threesome would of been hot if it happened lol,

    She is very hot