written by Ann

Maria Sharapova & Canon PowerShot

Maria Sharapova was the special guest of honor when she unveiled the Canon PowerShot Diamond Collection on August 20. She wore a unique dress with a single black sleeve on this memorable occasion. The new camera is a limited edition camera specially designed by Canon. Each Canon PowerShot SD 1101 is embedded with 88 white diamonds around its lens. Six models were dressed to look like Maria Sharapova and they mingled freely among the guests to pose for photographs.

Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova 1.jpg Maria Sharapova 2.jpg Canon PowerShot Diamond Collection Maria Sharapova promots Canon Eight models with Maria Maria Sharapova 6.jpg Maria Sharapova poses for photographs Maria Sharapova 10.jpg 88 white diamonds unique dress Maria Sharapova 13.jpg Maria Sharapova 14.jpg


  • I can’t stand Maria! She makes way too much noise when she plays tennis. Just hit the ball and shut up!

  • can’t believe media hasn’t outted her and camille belle.

  • i cant stand her grunting either horrible to hear, i end up switching her off or muting, she is so easy on the eyes and has some of the best legs ever but watching her scream so loud is beyond annoying and the other sexy player azarenka is as bad