written by Wanda

Marisa Miller Is A True Stunner

What really boggles my mind about Marisa Miller is that there are people out there that do not find Marisa Miller attractive. I look at her and I see a true beauty. She has a beautiful face and a beautiful body to match yet there are some out there who insist she’s not good looking. I guess I just don’t see it. Of course, it’s to be expected. There are a whole lot of women on this site I don’t find attractive and yet comment after comment seems to tell me otherwise. That’s the great thing about the internet, isn’t it? It’s offered us this forum to express our opinions and have the whole world tell us we’re wrong. Good times.


  • Of course some people think she is not good looking some think she is good looking, It is all subjective, every person’s looks is subjective, have you never heard the saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Everyone has their own opinions.

    I think she is very nice tho,

  • I’ve seen hotter women in the streets of Tokyo.

  • the only sad about this is these girls looking for gays for have babies

  • she is good looking imo

  • LOL that guy looks like Johnny Football Manziel sitting right behind her.

  • hot

  • woww nice woman

  • if I crawled up next to her and she kicked me in the balls I would cum all over her legs and feet :P

  • dat ass


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