written by Wanda

Megan Fox Says She’s Had No Botox

Okay, I have several issues with Megan Fox’s ‘no botox’ photos. First, I honestly don’t care if she’s had botox or not. She’s hot and she’s an actress. Most of the actresses working in the industry have had at least a little botox. Second, despite popular belief, you can actually move your face if you have botox. It doesn’t turn your face to plastic. Third, I have never believed Megan had botox but let’s talk about whatever she may have gotten pumped into those pillow lips. Fourth, and finally, she’s hot no matter what she has or hasn’t had done so why is this even an issue? Isn’t her whole career pretty much based on being gorgeous? Leave her alone. There are so many other things the haters can pick on her about.


  • now she look like russian prostitute or some russian damn stop do fucking plastic s~~

  • I’ve never been able to find her attractive. She just looks overly artificial.