written by Wanda

Mila Kunis Looking Hot In Los Angeles

If I had one complaint about my life as a whole, it would be that there isn’t nearly enough Mila Kunis in it. When I see a new set of pictures of Mila show up for me to write about like these ones from Los Angeles, I get genuinely excited. I absolutely love this woman. I love everything about her. She isn’t a ‘Hollywood’ kind of girl. She doesn’t pander to the in crowd and that’s a big part of what I love about her. She does publicity because it’s part of her job but when she isn’t working, she flies under the radar. The fact that she’s super smoking hot and has all the physical attributes I love in a woman (dark hair, dark eyes, a fantastic body, a gorgeous smile etc) doesn’t hurt in the least. Mila is one of my favorite young actresses in the industry today and I can’t wait to see where her career will take her from here.


  • There’s not enough Milla in anybodies life ! I am so in love with this girl !

  • very sexy