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Miley Cyrus Goes Shoe Shopping Wearing This …

I get it Miley. You’ve been working out, lost some weight, toned up your body and now you want to show that body off. Even so, maybe this wasn’t the best choice fashion wise for a day of shoe shopping. People are worried about you, honey. They think you’re going off the rails. I personally think you’re just fine and are proud of how you look. Nothing wrong with that. I’m just not sure why you’d want to give the haters more to hate on. In these photos, taken in New York, Miley Cyrus is wearing something I would actually consider wearing if I thought I could pull it off. I would probably only wear it to the beach but hey, that’s just me. I think she looks great but I know someone is going to rip her a new one over the choice. I feel a little bad for the girl, especially since I’ve done the new one ripping a time or two. My opinion of her has changed though. She seems more mature and more in control of her life. I think that’s exactly what she needed. I hope I’m right but I have been wrong before. I wish nothing but the best for Miley and I hope there are bright things in her future.


  • nice

  • she is turning into a bad ROLEMODEL .
    I honestly dont know her anymore :(
    Miley you deserve to die. You are a huge
    Freaking slut !!!

  • wtf is with the outfit, some of these girls are so needy, why do they all act like this