written by Wanda

Naya Rivera Is My Favorite Glee Girl … By A Long Shot

I don’t really believe in having a guilty pleasure. If something brings you pleasure and it doesn’t involve hurting something, why feel guilty about it? That is why I say Glee is not my guilty pleasure. I enjoy the show and have since season one. I enjoy it less now than I used to but I still tune in every time it’s on. I do have a lot of complaints about the direction of the show and my biggest complaint is featured prominently in a bikini in these photos from Hawaii. I love Naya Rivera. I think she’s beautiful, talented and all of that good stuff. I also think she’s woefully underused on Glee. Santana Lopez is one of the most interesting characters on the show. Why not give her some new and interesting stories to sink her teeth into? The overall quality of the show would improve by leaps and bounds. Mark my words.

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  • she has a nice body