written by Wanda

New Larsa Pippen Bikini Pics.

Before I even begin writing this post, I can almost read the comments that will appear after this post is published. People are almost certainly going to criticize Larsa Pippen’s body but hey, that’s people for you. I personally think she looks fantastic. She isn’t a bean pole but I like that. While I appreciate a skinny girl, I also appreciate a woman with some curves. I think that’s what I like most about these pictures. This is a lady who looks great in a bikini and she knows it. Her confidence is sexy to me. That’s just one woman’s opinion though. Isn’t that the great thing about opinions? Everyone has their own and we don’t always have to agree.


  • She looks good. Damn good. I do not care much for the suit at all but the rest of her is tasty. I would prefer her in something more sexy but this will do. Maybe a sexy black or red bikini?

  • very nice, sexy body too