written by Wanda

Nicole Scherzinger Wears Pink Panties.

Nicole Scherzinger wears pink panties. I wear pink panties. Clearly we’re meant to be best friends, right? I like Nicole. I really do. I think she’s talented, beautiful and doesn’t seem to have quite the ego some of her contemporaries have. She might be a bit stuck on herself but I can forgive that because I am a fan. With all that said, I’m a little turned off by these photos. The upskirt shots here? Entirely avoidable. I know sometimes upskirt shots happen but come on – that first one, at least, could’ve been avoided by just being a bit more careful. It doesn’t really change how I feel about Nicole though. I think she’s stunning and she looks great in these photos – pink panties and all.


  • I am so over crotch shots. Get a clue people. No one wants to see your cootch. It is not very original any more. Countless stars have done it. I do not care if you love your undies or what or you think you are hot. You look skanky.

  • I too am over the crotch shots, Been done a million times. It is as if these gals can not plan anything to make them selves stand out so they are like, yes I will do a crotch shot. Have some integrity please!

  • she is an attention whore much like that other tulisa, both have no class, both are hot chicks not saying otherwise but would these women get a grip, they are embarrassing, what next for nicole a sex tape like tulisa?

  • I love these crotch shots/ass shots ;))

  • nice leg shots