written by Joe

Nicollette Sheridan Does Baywatch!

When I think of Christmas, I think of snow, warm fires and good food. Not stripping down, sunbathing and throwing myself into the sea . But that is what Nicollette Sheridan did. When everyone is sat with their jeans undone because of all the food, 44 year old Nicollette is running without a wobble in sight. The Desperate Housewives actress took a break in the Caribbean for Christmas, spending time with husband Michael Bolton. Is it me or does it look like we are watching a Baywatch episode?

Nicolette Sheridan

Nicolette Sheridan Baywatch Nicolette Sheridan Swimming Nicollette Sheridan Bikini Nicolette Sheridan Bikini 4.jpg Nicolette Sheridan Bikini 5.jpg Nicolette Sheridan Bikini 6.jpg Nicolette Sheridan Bikini 7.jpg Nicolette Sheridan Bikini 8.jpg Nicolette Sheridan Bikini 9.jpg Nicolette Sheridan Bikini 10.jpg Nicolette Sheridan Bikini 11.jpg Nicolette Sheridan Bikini 12.jpg Nicolette Sheridan Bikini 13.jpg Nicolette Sheridan Bikini 14.jpg Nicolette Sheridan Bikini 15.jpg


  • Who said Christmas had to be all present giving and turkey eating? Apparently, Nicolette doesn’t mind spending her’s swimming in the Caribbean, yet she does look happy.

  • She looks really gorgeous strolling around the beach.
    Red Bikini looks really hot on her.I can’t believe she is 44 year old.
    She has a great body for that age.

  • She doesnt looked like 44. If you havent says her age I will assume she around 30. I cant denied that she really hot with red bikini. Better than some of the celebrities who below that her age. Great Body huh!

  • Everybody deserves some fun, and it looked like she’s really having her best times in the water. Well, she’s still gorgeous and beautiful. She must be happy with her life after all.

  • Wow!!! She’s hot… both of them were wearing the same color.. easy to spot in case one of them drowned.. lol…. however, i doubt baywatch would consider her… unless her boobs size increase…

  • I cant believe to see her . . she’s really looks sexy, I wouldn’t know if someone tell me she is 44, cause she looks younger and of course her boobs . . ouch

  • She looks a lot younger, i would say 30-35 years old, she is really hot with this red Bikini.
    And she is having a lot of fun with her husband, i guess she deserve it.

  • Looks pretty cool. Her bikini outfit sure looks like the baywatch babe. Her body still looks great despite her age. No wonder Michael Bolton will never file for a divorce :P