written by Wanda

Nina Agdal Hits The Beach Bunny Fashion Show In Miami

As I write this post, it’s nearing mid-September. By the time most of you see it, September will almost be over. It’s cold today. It hasn’t rained yet but from the dark clouds in the sky, it looks like it could rain at any minute. For that reason, it feels a little silly to be writing about the Beach Bunny Fashion Show in Miami. As some of you may know, we took an unscheduled ‘vacation’ here at HQ so some of the pictures we’re posting have been floating around for a little while. Some might complain about that but this is the first time I’m seeing most of them so I’m not going to complain – especially not about these particular photos of Nina Agdal. I love this woman. She’s so beautiful. I love everything about these photos as well – the dress, the hair, the makeup, the shoes … it’s all fantastic. Great set, even if it is a little old.

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