written by Wanda

Olivia Wilde And Those Killer Eyes Of Hers.

I few short hours ago, I posted a photo shoot of Katharine McPhee and admitted that, while I love her, I didn’t love the photos. I was a little bit disappointed by that because I love Katharine and always love to have the chance to write about her. The same can be said about Olivia Wilde but I opened these images cautiously. I was expecting a lot. I got a lot. These photos are incredible. She’s barely showing any skin at all and yet the photos are some of the sexiest photos I’ve seen today. It’s all about her eyes. Well, her eyes and her lips and her cheekbones – nope. It’s all of it. Olivia is the total package. Gorgeous, down to earth, out spoken, funny and talented. There’s so much to love about this woman. I could go on all day. Fantastic pictures.

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  • her eyes are amazing, first thing I notice on her, she is amazing looking but her eyes are so dreamy, lovely women, so sexy