written by Wanda

Pamela Anderson Has Some Freaky Eyes

I’ve always been a fan of Pamela Anderson although I can’t exactly explain why. She’s kind of the epitome of blond bimbo and I generally don’t like that, but there’s something about Pam I identify with. I love her outspoken support of animal rights even if I sometimes think PETA goes a bit overboard in it’s methods. I have to say though, after looking at these pictures of Pam on Big Brother, Mumbai, she’s really starting to show her age. While some in Hollywood (the vast minority) choose to age gracefully, Pam is really going to other way with it; trying to conceal her age with pounds of makeup and those eyes? I dunno – maybe she thought the whole dead eyes thing works for her, but it just kind of looks a bit too creepy. The last few times I’ve seen Pam she’s left me scratching my head. I’d like to see her look not so desperate.

Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson Pamela AndersonPamela Anderson Pamela Anderson

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  • So you are going to overlook the fried and over dyed hair and hard breast? She doesn’t need all that eye makeup.