written by Ann

Paris Hilton’s Beautiful Corset

Paris Hilton and Benji Madden drive away from Abbey in LA, back to their love nest after a night out. Paris looked beautiful in her corset and new hair style. She was in the news again this week. An artist named Jonathan Yeo made a composite portrait of Paris Hilton. His collage was made from scraps of porn magazine paper. The final result was so good, you hardly notice the scraps of porn in the paper.

Paris Hilton

beautiful corset Paris Hilton Abbey Paris Hilton 4.jpg Paris Hilton 5.jpg Paris Hilton 6.jpg Paris Hilton getting in a car Paris Hilton 8.jpg Benji Madden Paris Hilton 10.jpg new hair style Paris Hilton 12.jpg

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  • I can’t believe her loser boyfriend dumped Sophie Monk for this skank. I hope he stocked up on rubbers. :)