written by Wanda

Paris Hilton Can’t Dance But Is Great At Posing

While on their own, these pictures of Paris Hilton at the Supermartxe VIP Party at Fabrik disco in Madrid, Spain are pretty hot. She looks good, right? She’s got all the standard Paris Hilton poses included – the ‘hands behind her head checking out her own boobs’ pose, the ‘bending over and sticking out her ass as far as possible’ pose, the ‘grabbing her own ass to call attention to it’ pose – and on their own, things look fine. When you see her actually dancing though? The girl has no rhythm at all. I mean, she’s not Elaine from Seinfeld bad, but a lesson or two wouldn’t hurt her. Who am I kidding though? No one pays attention to how well she’s moving as long as she showing off tits, ass or both while she’s doing it. And we’re talking about Paris here, so she usually is.

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  • Now she needs to learn the ‘having talent’ pose. Whoops! Down the drain.

  • I don’t think that’s a pose Paris is interested in learning. I mean, she has that one talent and she even showed it off on camera in ‘One Night in Paris’, but I don’t think that’s something she could do on stage. Then again, it’s Paris. I wouldn’t really be all that surprised if she did.

  • Having said that though – the ‘talent’ she showed off in “One Night In Paris” (gotta love those porn titles) has been done better by, oh just about everyone. It won’t be long till she does it on stage though. In some strip club in Massachussetts. When she’s 56.

  • Excellent point. It’s really the only marketable talent I can think of her having. I have to admit though, I actually thought she was pretty good in Repo. Regardless, I’m not sure I think she’ll wait until 56. Her star’s fading pretty fast and everyone’s bored of the coke busts and the, well, her bust in general. Gonna take something drastic to get her back on top of the game. She might as well get back on what made her famous in the first place.

  • Who the heck cares if she can dance or not? I mean look at her. She is fantastic looking. She has the looks of a goddess. I am not watching her dance anyway. Just looking at that incredible body.

  • I love Paris. She has a body that I see in my dreams and a face of an angel. I would love to hang out with her. I know that many say she is very annoying but I do not really see her that way. She is great.