written by Wanda

Paris Hilton Dresses Up In Her Second Halloween Costume Of The Year.

Perhaps I was a little harsh on Paris Hilton the other day when I ragged on her Halloween costume but these pictures of Paris at the Playboy Halloween Party in Los Angeles are exactly why I was harsh. I love these photos. Paris’ butterfly costume is a great example of a slutty Halloween costume (not an insult, people – just a fact. C’mon, she’s practically wearing nothing but undies here – which is fine. It’s Halloween!). It’s fun, it’s sexy, it’s colorful and I haven’t seen anything else quite like it. Paris is clearly a lady that loves Halloween, often rocking several different costumes each year. This one is my favorite Paris Hilton Halloween costume this year by a mile. As for all time? I still choose her Jailbird costume from the year she went to prison. Funny and sexy? Total win.


  • Paris gets hotter with age.

  • Paris looks great here. She has an amazing body and the costume suits her well. This is just Paris’ personality. I feel that she would look great in anything that she wore. I have not seen the other photos of her but I can imagine she is good looking.

  • Paris looks great here. I love her. I know that many out there do not much care for her but since she has come into the spot light, I find her very intriguing. She is pretty and just seems like a fun person to hang around.

  • There is something about Paris. Everyone wants to visit her. LOL.
    No seriously she looks great here. I am not a huge fan of her but she manages to pull off a killer outfit. Not everyone could wear that.

  • I find that Paris is a little bit overwhelming. But I guess when you have that much money you can afford to be very overwhelming right? Anyways I am not going to say that I love her or hate her. I have a neutral tone about her.


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