written by Wanda

Rihanna In A Mesh Dress

Sure the mesh dress looks to be over a bikini but I still think it’s sexy. I like Rihanna. I like her a lot. To be honest, I don’t understand all the hate she gets. She’s a pretty girl, she makes catchy pop music that apparently a lot of people enjoy (but few people seem to want to admit liking) and she seems fun. I like her fiery attitude and yes, I even like the hair. Here in Miami, Rihanna looks sexy in an adorable kind of way and I like that about her. She can go from outrageous diva to adorable girl next door to sexy siren seamlessly. I always look forward to seeing new pictures of Rihanna.


  • not good 4 generation

  • Rihanna’s in control of her sexuality and how she chooses to express it. That can be scary for some people to see because we live in a world where we don’t see a lot of women owning their own bodies in the media. I think that might be part of the reason why she’s hated on.

    I also think some people tend to hate on others (celebs or not) who are talented and successful instead of dealing with the disappointment in their own lives. It’s part of human nature though.

  • I don’t see how Rihanna isn’t good for her generation. I agree with Bethany (again!) but would like to add it’s not just her sexuality. This girl own everything about who she is. She is the kind of woman that stands up and says, “I am who I am”. I think that’s a great message for the new generation. The hang up on sexuality is ridiculous. Women are sexual beings just as much as men are. We like sex. We think about sex. We like to be sexy. Rihanna has confidence but she isn’t trashy. I can think of far worse role models out there, especially in the music industry. Rihanna has been through hell and come out stronger and braver. I think Ri Ri is one of the best role models young women today have in the music industry along with Lady Gaga and Demi Lovato. Perhaps Selena Gomez although I don’t really know enough about her to say for sure.

  • Wanda, thanks for adding to that! Well rounded.

    Oh yes, I can DEFINITELY think of worse role models out there. Sadly. But I’m not going to name names ‘cos this right here is Ri Ri’s party!

    AND we like talking about sex too! ;-)

  • She is cute. she is looking takeaway

  • I just do not like the dress on Rihanna. Not that she does not have the body for it because she does. But it just looks plain tacky. I do not like the looks of it as it reminds me of something slutty.

  • shame she went slutty like mariah carey