written by Ann

Rihanna’s New Makeover!

Rihanna has a new makeover. She is simply beautiful with long hair. She looked lovely with some ultra feminine clothes. Gone were her corsets and female dominatrix corsets. The change in managers may have something to do with this. There were rumors about Rihanna going around house hunting to build a love nest with her rumored boyfriend. On the other hand, sources claimed that Chris Brown was cheating on Rihanna as he has another woman by his side. The blonde movie crew assistant played cat and mouse with Rihanna and the singer may not be fully aware of it yet.


Rihanna is beautiful Rihanna waring green dress Rihanna 3.jpg Rihanna 4.jpg Rihanna 5.jpg Rihanna 6.jpg Rihanna 7.jpg Rihanna 8.jpg Rihanna 9.jpg Rihanna 10.jpg Rihanna 11.jpg Rihanna 12.jpg Rihanna 13.jpg Rihanna 14.jpg Rihanna 15.jpg Rihanna 16.jpg Rihanna shows ass Rihanna poses in black Rihanna 19.jpg Rihanna 20.jpg Rihanna 21.jpg Rihanna 22.jpg Rihanna 23.jpg feminine clothes Rihanna 25.jpg Rihanna 26.jpg Rihanna 27.jpg Rihanna 28.jpg Rihanna 29.jpg Rihanna 30.jpg Rihanna 31.jpg Rihanna 32.jpg Rihanna 33.jpg Rihanna in hot pose Rihanna 35.jpg Rihanna 36.jpg


  • gorgeous… thx

  • Rihanna sure has all the required bumps and dimples in all the right places.

  • These pictures are OLD. Like 1st album video stills

  • Rihanna has a perfect body and isn’t afraid to use it!

  • The odds of Chris Brown being with a Blond lady when he has Rihanna are
    slim to none. He is just to ‘urban’ as he puts it to go that way…

  • Wow. Rihanna is the sexiest singer alive!!!

  • Second, thats SOS, and that time.