written by Ann

Sandra Bullock Proposes To Ryan Reynolds

Sandra Bullock plays a hard driven Canadian boss who works in the US. One day, she is faced with deportation. In desperation, she kneels down to the cold, hard ground and proposes to her employee, who is played by Ryan Reynolds. Sandra’s a good actress and she would do almost anything for the sake of her art. That was a good scene. We last saw Ryan Reynolds in “Definitely, Maybe.” He was good in that movie.

Sandra Bullock

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  • She is one of the cutest and nicest and still sexiest Celebrities out there =)

  • she is hot, I wish I was ryan reynolds, she is a stunning women, I remember watchng this movie and thinking how hot mrs bullock is, her and Ryan Reynlds would make an amazing couple despite the age difference.

  • sandra sexy and she knows it, I saw the blindside recently and she looked good, I loved the scene where all those guys checked her out, she has a nice ass.

    I agree sandra and ryan reynolds make a hot couple even if ryan is much younger, I am not gay but Ryan Reynlds is a very good looking man and sandra is gorgeous

  • sandra is a milf

  • on the pic where she on her knees ryan should get his cock out and ask sandra to offer him a blowjob or just piss into her mouth, she is a milf

  • I wonder if young mr reynolds actually banged Sandra tight pussy

  • they sure would be a hot hot couple, sandra is a saucy milf,