written by Wanda

Selena Gomez Just Had To Go And Make A Liar Out Of Me

I don’t read the comments on these posts very often anymore because people on the internet kinda bring me down sometimes. Some of you people can be mean. But anyhow, I’m sure if I did read the comments, I’d find that someone has gone to one of my previous Selena Gomez posts to gloat by now. Why? Because I was wrong. I was oh so wrong. In my head, I had Selena as this perfect, sweet, innocent little flower who would stay that way forever. Of course that wasn’t true. She’s human. Of course she’s just as messed up as the rest of us. I hope Selena gets the help she needs though and overcomes it all because, well, we already have popstars going crazy left and right. It’s much more unique to be the sane one.

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