written by Wanda

Sexy Bikini Pics Of Rihanna In A Cowboy Hat

There is just something about a woman in a cowboy hat that sets my heart all aflutter. When that woman happens to be Rihanna and she also happens to be wearing a bikini, I start getting a little concerned about my health. That is probably why these photos of Rihanna (taken in Hawaii) are such a mixed blessing for me. I’m kidding, of course. I love the photos. Rihanna looks absolutely beautiful and just as laid back as ever but the cowboy hat really adds something extra for me. I’m also a big fan of the fringe on the bikini. More than any of that though, I like that it looks like Rihanna isn’t wearing any makeup. I love that. It always seems so strange when women hit the beach with their faces all done up like they’re going to a photo shoot. This woman doesn’t need all of that. Sure she looks great with makeup but she looks just as good without it. She’s a natural beauty and it’s nice to see her let that natural beauty shine through every now and again.


  • nice

  • Rihanna looks amazingly hot here. I love the fact that her hair is long and she is a free spirit. She looks fine in that bikini as well. Really makes me want to visit a beach in my dreams with Rihanna.

  • what a great body


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