written by Wanda

Sexy Bikini Pics Of Sara Jean Underwood In Las Vegas

These bikini pics of Sara Jean Underwood from the Encore Beach Club at Encore at Wynn Las Vegas in Las Vegas show a few things I love about this woman. First, she’s gorgeous and I’m definitely a sucker for a gorgeous woman. Second, she really seems to have a good time and third, she has the kind of smile that makes me want to smile too. She genuinely looks like she’s having a great time in these photos. I recently wrote a post about Sara Jean in which I talked about her geeky tendencies. I was called out for falling for an act and perhaps I have, but I really do like to think Sara Jean is what she makes herself out to be. If it’s an illusion, it’s an illusion I’d like to keep – right or wrong.


  • Yeh she’s the most annoying/irritating sexpot around. lol

  • I was the one who “called you out” (lol) and I have to say – who cares whether she is a “geek” or not? I just find the new marketing fixation with “geek culture” idiotic.

    Sara is beautiful. She has an amazing body. She does have an infectious smile. She seems like she’s always having fun no matter what she’s doing which is a trait I find so appealing. I would kill for a girl like that.

    Keep posting her if you can, because I for one definitely love it.

    • Missed this comment! Yes, I agree with the whole geek culture thing. I always thought Sara Jean was legitimately geeky though. I will admit, I fell for the marketing ploy. Happens to the best of us, I suppose. I think I find the idea of a geeky girl more appealing because I’m kind of a geeky girl myself at times.

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  • i miss Olivia……..

  • Sara Jean is so fine. I think that she is so pretty that I used to love watching her on Attack of the Show. She had such good energy and her clothes were always so neat. I love her.