written by Wanda

Sexy HQ Pics Of Karolina Kurkova

Karolina Kurkova is one of the top earning models in the world and it isn’t hard to tell why. This woman is simply amazing. Flawless. Sexy and sultry without being vulgar or trashy. I absolutely love these pictures. Karolina, celebrating 25 years of Virgin Atlantic Airways service with Richard Branson, looks like she’s having so much fun and just going with whatever happens in the moment. That’s always great to see. It doesn’t hurt that she looks incredible while she’s doing it. There is something about a gorgeous woman with a beautiful, genuine smile on her fact that makes me feel better about how craptastic my own life is. Thank you for that Karolina. It is much appreciated.


  • I’m not seeing what you’re seeing, hun. She looks like she’s got too much teeth in her mouth.

    Gotta give it to her though, she does look like she’s having fun. I mean, it’s Richard Branson, he’s that kinda guy: quirky and always doing real cool stuff. So it’s no wonder she’s in the pool and generally looking like she’s having a great time.

  • I agree with Charly on this one. She would be pretty except for her horse teeth. I hate to be mean, but that is where all my attention is centered to. Her mouth is just so full of teeth, that I can not get past that.

  • she is nice looking who cares about her teeth?