written by Wanda

Sexy HQ Pics Of Rebecca Romijn

I have always been a big Rebecca Romijn fan. She’s a legend to me although I can’t really say why. I guess she just seems to have the sort of down to earth, girl next door, attitude I find so appealing. She also happens to be absolutely smoking hot so she has that going for her to. While many of the other model/actresses working in the industry today seem to buy into their own hype, Rebecca seems to have remained grounded. I like that. She also seems to be pretty happy in her home life which is also nice to see. I love Rebecca. It’s great to see new pictures of her and I look forward to more.


  • Sexy? Really? Her body looks straight to me. Hardly any curves. Not much to grab onto, you know. I’d feed her some good ole Italian food for a month to tease those curves out, then we can talk about sexy.

    For me, her sexiness is in her face and her composure, not in her body per se.

  • i’d like to tap that ass


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