written by Wanda

Sexy Jessica Alba Takes In The Lanvin Fashion Show In Paris

Jessica Alba is really a special kind of girl. She can pull off just about any look. From the pretty girl next door, to the tough as nails babe to … well, whatever look she’s rocking here. I guess this would be the classy, sophisticated but still fun and flirty look. I’m not really sure what she was sticking her tongue out about as it seems like an odd thing to do at an event like the “Lanvin” Fashion Show in Paris but I like that she did it. It’s looked like Jessica is having a lot of fun at the show and I like seeing this girl have fun. It’s not a side we get to see of her very often.


  • Jessica is hotter then a $2.00 pistol

  • Erm, David, I don’t know if that’s a compliment or not. I’d like to think it was, albeit that perhaps it should have been worded a bit differently as a two dollar pistol is, well, pretty cheap. You missed out about ten zeros in my opinion. :-)

    • I think the expression David used means a $2.00 pistol is cheap and therefore cheaply made which would mean it gets hot. OR possibly that if you’ve paid $2.00 for a pistol, it’s probably stolen. Okay, I confess, I don’t actually know what the expression means exactly but I’ve only heard it used to describe super hot men and women. It is a somewhat common turn of phrase though. But I very much agree – Jessica is smoking hot in every imaginable way.

  • I’m sorry, I guess I showed my age with the phrase $2.00 pistol.
    Let me clear it up. Jessica is way hot dudes.

  • David, it’s OK! I knew it was more than likely you meant it as a compliment. It’s just that the two dollars got me and I was thinking, “erm, ooook”. Wanda, I’ve never heard the expression before. Glad David cleared it up!

    • I think I might be showing my age a bit with that one as well. Now that I’m really thinking about it, I think I heard it in a movie or on a television show at some point in time. It’s a catchy little phrase. Perhaps David and I just saw the same show and it stuck with us.

  • Yeah, perhaps you did see the same show! But I hear your explanation though. A two dollar pistol is very likely to be of poor quality obviously, so it’ll get hotter as it won’t be able to retain heat as well as a more expensive one. I can’t believe I’m talking about guns! I abhor them.

  • thx for jessica upskirt shot bro