written by Wanda

Sexy Laura Whitmore Performance Pics From London

Must have been a bit chilly at the Yahoo wireless festival East London. Either that or Laura Whitmore was really excited to be there. Whatever the case, I really like these shots – pokey nipples and all. I really like Laura Whitmore so that likely has something to do with my affection for these photos. The fact that she looks smoking hot also likely plays a little role in that. I really think I’d like to see Laura in concern one day. It looks like she puts on a great show and really gives the audience everything she’s got. I really like that about her. Of course, I could be wrong. It’s been known to happen a time or two. Whatever the case, Laura’s a lovely looking lady and I think these photos show that.


  • You would have a hard time seeing her in concert seeing as she is a tv presenter.

  • she is very nice