written by Wanda

Sexy Petra Benova Bikini Shots Make Me Smile

I like Petra Benova. She’s not a woman I often get to write about but I’m always happy when the opportunity comes up. These photos from Miami are really a great example of why. This woman just has something so unique and so fun about her. Every time I see a new set of photos, she looks like she’s having a great time. I always find that so refreshing. I am a naturally high stress person. If I’m not stressed out, I don’t function properly. I’ve never known or understood what to do with relaxation time. I suppose that’s why I like seeing people relaxing. I envy that ability. Perhaps one day, I will learn from their example and take a freaking break. I’m sure my body would appreciate it. Teach me how to relax, Petra! I want to learn and hey, if I’m gonna have a teacher, it might as well be a hot one.

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