written by Wanda

Sexy Sara Jean Underwood Pics Make Me Smile.

I have a sort of hot and cold relationship with Sara Jean Underwood. Sometimes I love her and something I’m just sort of in like with her. This is one of the instances when I’m in love. These pictures are fabulous. Her body is incredible and I love the wardrobe choices that have been made here. Underwear pics are great but I actually think I prefer the jeans/tank top pics further down. I’ve seen Sara in her underwear (and less) numerous times. Of course, I’ve also seen her in jeans but there’s just something about these particular photos that makes me feel happy. I think Sara is a beautiful young woman and I can’t wait for the next set of photos of her to show up on my assignment list.


  • Vavoom. Sara is so hot and sexy. These pics got my heart racing. I loved them. I really hope that she is on your assignment list again soon. These photos are smoking and Sara really knows how to pose for them.

  • Sara Jean Underwood, you are gorgeous. I love you so much. I always have tuned in to Attack of the Show to watch you. You are funny and sweet and hot. You make the show:) Love you so much keep these photos of you coming.

  • I have a problem with the 4th and the 12th picture… why are they blue?

  • she is very hot

  • I`ll put my penis so deep up in that ass and fuck her that she will beg me to stop