written by Wanda

Sexy Selena Gomez In Recent Performance Pics

In my always humble opinion, Selena Gomez really got it right. While a teen face base is great and surprisingly loyal, they also have a notoriously short attention span. Selena (or more likely, her team) recognize that and she’s now moving toward a more mature audience. What she isn’t doing, however, is turning her back on the fans that got her to where she is. Instead of bursting back onto the scene with a super sexual new image that often alienates younger fans, Selena is gradually evolving. Here in Puerto Rico, we see a sexier side of Selena but no a sleazy one. She looks stunning but most importantly, she still looks classy. She’s leaving something to the imagination and to me, that’s far sexier than letting everything hang out. It’s also not compromising her morals or relying on her body and her looks to sell her work. I respect this girl more and more every day.


  • I agree with most of what you’ve said. However, I don’t like the outfit, how it was designed. I’m not feeling the shorts/dress/trouser(?) combo. Swap those shorts for a skirt and I think it would have looked better (totally my opinion though).

    • I think I skirt would’ve looked better too. I wonder though if there was a concern about upskirt shots. I think it wouldn’t been nicer if the wrap type thingy that brushes the floor would’ve gone all the way around.

  • Yes, I guess upskirt shots might have been a possibility. But that could have easily been solved by wearing those shorts under the skirt.

    Yeah, if the wrap went all around, then the shorts would have looked better I think.

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