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Shannon Doherty Is Beautiful In Black

Shannon Doherty attended the grand opening of Lavo Restaurant and Nightclub in Las Vegas, on Sept. 13. She looked beautiful and elegant in classic black. Doherty has completed shooting four episodes of “Beverly Hills 90210.” Her spokesman said that Doherty would be happy to consider re-joining the cast of 90210 again if she was offered the opportunity. Doherty was reunited on the set with Jennie Garth. They were rumored to be rivals but they put differences aside to make these special episodes of 90210.

Shannon Doherty

Beverly Hills 90210 Shannon Doherty 2.jpg beautiful Shannon Doherty 90210 Celebrity Lavo Restaurant and Nightclub Shannon Doherty 6.jpg

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  • she is a sexy ass women, classy look to her too