written by irene

Shauna Sand Shows Her Thongs

And no, we’re not referring to thongs as in sandals. This girl’s wearing the real thing. Black, sexy, thongs as in underwear. Shauna Sand was recently spotted at some club in Hollywood and it looked like she was going to get something-something that night. Who wouldn’t when you’re wearing black sexy lingerie under a sheer mini dress and crystal clear hooker heels? Shauna must have been feeling very lusty that night! What do you think?

Shauna Sand

sexy lingerie Shauna Sand 2.jpg Shauna Sand 3.jpg Shauna Sand 4.jpg Shauna Sand 5.jpg Shauna Sand in heels Shauna Sand 7.jpg Shauna Sand got nice ass Shauna Sand in thongs Shauna Sand 10.jpg

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  • Her body is rockin’ but that face could stop a truck.