written by Ann

Shauna Sand’s Blue Bikini Photos

Shauna Sand looked ravishing in her blue bikini. She turned heads wherever she walked. Shauna was rumored to have had plastic surgery to maintain her model looks but that was not very obvious. She had revived interest in her Playboy photos when she offered her robe that was worn during the Playboy Playmate modeling shoot. She had placed an auction ad for her pink bath robe and added a certificate of authenticity and an autographed photo of herself wearing the robe.

Shauna Sand

blue bikini ravishing Shauna Sand 3.jpg Shauna Sand 4.jpg Shauna Sand ass long legs Shauna Sand 7.jpg Shauna Sand 8.jpg Playboy pictures Shauna Sand 10.jpg modeling shoot Shauna Sand in bikini Shauna Sand 13.jpg eating Shauna Sand 15.jpg Shauna Sand by the pool

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