written by Wanda

Sophie Monk Shares Her Dinner With A Dog

Pictures of hot chicks around cute animals make me happy. I can’t help it. I love animals and I love hot chicks. Something sort of bothers me about these pictures of Sophie Monk sharing her dinner with a dog though. Perhaps it’s the fact that I was far more excited than I should have been to see an attractive young starlet actually eating something. In my always humble opinion, there are a lot of waif-thin women in Hollywood that need all the food they can get. All the same, I know how hard it can be to say no to a dog looking at you with ‘that look’ in their eyes, the look that says, “If you don’t give me any of that, you’re completely heartless and I’ll totally poop in your shoe”. Perhaps that’s the exact look that chubby little guy was giving Sophie in these pictures taking in Los Angeles. If so, I understand entirely and withdraw my complaint.


  • Hot Babe

  • How about sharing dinner with me.:)

  • Would you want some of this Sophie ?