written by Wanda

Super Sexy Izabel Goulart Lingerie Shoot

This sexy photoshoot starring Izabel Goulart is one of those rare shoots that is just smoking hot from start to finish for me. Usually, there are a few photos I don’t like quite as much as the other ones but that isn’t the case here. I love each and every one of these photos just as much as all of the others. I couldn’t pick a favorite if I wanted to. Izabel is a beautiful young woman in every sense of the word. Her body is incredible. Her face is beautiful. She also has that mysterious “it factor” that draws a person in. There are lots of stunningly beautiful women in the fashion industry and most of them looking unbelievably hot in lingerie but there is something extra special about Izabel that speaks to me. I’m not sure what that something special is. I suppose it’s something indescribable. Or maybe I just really like the way she looks in her undies. Either way, this is a fantastic set of photos.

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