written by Ann

Tara Conner’s Star Continues To Shine

Tara Connor, 23, is an extremely lucky woman. She committed some serious mistakes like under-aged drinking, substance abuse and dubious behaviors but she was given second chances and forgiven for her past. Donald Trump had especially given her chances to redeem herself. He made her the star in his reality TV show, Pageant Place, in MTV. Recently, Tara made a statement about writing her book. It would be something alone the line of being Miss USA 2006 and her alcohol and drug problems. She was seen here at TAO, in Las Vegas.

Tara Conner

Tara Conner in MTV Tara Conner pics Tara Conner 4.jpg Tara Conner 5.jpg Tara Conner 6.jpg Tara Conner 7.jpg Tara Conner 8.jpg Tara Conner 9.jpg Tara Conner 10.jpg

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