written by Ann

Tara Reid Hides Her Bikini

Tara Reid enjoyed herself at the pool in Cancun, Mexico, but she was rather shy. She kept a thin towel-shawl firmly wrapped around herself. Tara had revealed that she had suffered some blotched cosmetic surgery on her abdomen and she needed surgical screws to help hold her body in place. If she had those screws on and did not want to attract attention, she would keep her wrap around her midriff. I’m unsure if she had more surgery to compensate for those mistakes but I wish her well.

Tara Reid Bikini

Tara Reid 2.jpg Tara Reid 3.jpg Almost naked Tara Reid Cancun, Mexico Tara Reid 6.jpg Tara Reid 7.jpg Tara Reid 8.jpg Tara Reid 9.jpg

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