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Taylor Momsen Hits The Stage In Her Panties

It seems like it’s been forever since last we heard about little Taylor Momsen. I missed her and her crazy antics. Taylor and her band, The Pretty Reckless, hit the stage at the Tattoo Rock Parlour in Toronto and these are the pictures from that performance. I’m not the least bit surprised to see her in what look like leather panties paired with a black ‘Satan’ tank top and black thigh high tights. The problem with Momsen is that you can’t really call her sexy. I mean, she’s so young it would just be inappropriate. I was kind of growing tired of her half naked antics, but only now am I realizing what a void was left in my life when Taylor apparently decided to put on clothes. I don’t know, folks. I’m so back and forth on this girl, I get dizzy writing about her.


  • Isn’t this illegal?

    • Illegal? I don’t see anything illegal about it. She isn’t showing anything you wouldn’t see in the underwear section of a magazine. Immoral might be a bit of a different story, but we just post pictures of celebrities here and she is a celebrity. It isn’t our fault the girl can’t seem to remember to put a pair of pants on.

  • Illegal under UK law, possibly… but that’s another issue entirely.

    • Really? Wow. I had no idea! I learned something today.

      I’m just curious as to how. I know it’s hard to read tone in text, but it is genuine curiosity. I don’t think it’s necessarily right that she puts herself out there like that, but I don’t see it as much different than what Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera did when they went all trampy. I don’t recall how old they were when they started with all of that, but I don’t think they were much older than Momsen. Then you have Miley and she’s pretty much behaving the same way. Taylor takes it further, but that’s her whole schtick.

      If I were Momsen, I’d take a look at the lives of Britney and Christina and decide if that’s the way I wanted to take things. At the same time, she says she idolizes Kurt Cobain so maybe flashing too much skin on stage isn’t the worst thing she could be up to.

  • The photos are possibly illegal in the United Kingdom, and as such site action needs to be taken by the webmaster.

    • Because I take things such as this seriously, I looked into whether or not this pictures could be considered illegal. These photos are not pornographic and while some may find them offense because of her attire and the fact that she’s underage, they are not illegal. At the worst, they could potentially be reported to the Internet Watch Foundation which could in turn block the images from appearing on screens in the UK. That wouldn’t actually be illegal, however. The webmaster of this website is in no way violating UK law by posting them here and I am in no way violating UK law by writing about them. In addition, if they were to be blocked in the UK, one would be safe to assume all images of Momsen would be blocked because this type of outfit is pretty much standard every time Momsen takes the stage or leaves the house for that matter.

      The issue is also made a little less clear because Taylor Momsen is a performer. A big part of her stage act is dressing in little clothing. This is part of her public persona. Some would argue its her entire persona. These are pictures taken from a live concert performance and, are therefore no different than posting a movie trailer or pictures from a magazine photo shoot. I didn’t find any piece of information that says it is illegal to post images from a public performance held by an under age individual as long as said individual is not engaging in a sex act and has all of their privates concealed. Momsen DOES. Yes she is in what appears to be underwear, but that was the stage attire she chose herself. There is nothing in these pictures you wouldn’t see if Taylor was on the red carpet at a movie premiere. Finally, you see a lot more skin in bikini pictures. If you took Taylor off the stage and put her on the beach, she may even be accused of being conservatively dressed because her midriff is covered.

      Listen, if you have a problem with the way Momsen dresses, you may want to take it up with her management, or more importantly, her parents. Just don’t come to this website claiming that things are illegal when clearly they are not. If you want to post even a line in a criminal statute to back up your claim, I’d be willing to reconsider my position, but simply stating something may possibly be illegal does not make it so. Besides, the call isn’t even up to me. I don’t post the pictures. I just write about them. I’d also like to state for the record that I stated in my post I don’t find these pictures sexy:

      The problem with Momsen is that you can’t really call her sexy. I mean, she’s so young it would just be inappropriate.

      What I find most disturbing about this whole conversation is that I’m still continuing it. If you have anything new to add other than pointless and completely unfounded accusations, feel free to post. Otherwise, I won’t be continuing this conversation any further. I’ll only feel the trolls for so long before I lose what little patience I have with them.

      Have a great day. Thanks for visiting.

  • Not much to add… other than this conversation should probably be deleted, no point having a slanging match over it.

  • yeah shes wearing lingerie out in public and shes 18 rite, so all i gotta say is i really really wanna lick her butthole

  • the sky could not have been more pcefert in the 2nd & the McD’s shot ROCKS looks like everyone had an amazing day, you included


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